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The initiative of District Administration, Education Department and support from other concerned departments for comprehensive development of Birhor primitive tribe residing in five tandas of Bagodar and Saria blocks has opened new avenues for BIrhor people. Dreams can be seen in their eyes waiting to see people coming with new interventions and work for their overall development.

Sugan Birhor, age 42 of Kalichattan Tanda is very happy that everyday people from government and NGOs are coming and talking about their development. He said that many people come to our village but this is first time that people from NGO are living with them, trying to motivate them to participate in community development initiatives, personal cleanliness, benefits of hygiene and sanitation practices. He has organized other Birhors of his tanda to clean barren land and start community agriculture so that their economic condition could be improved.

The pains of Sugni Birhor , mother of three sons and one daughter was reflected in her voice when she said that she is illiterate but understand the importance of literacy and education in life. She is committed to send her children to school. She also felt that educating girls is equally important in todayís world. She also believe that hygiene and sanitation practices is important for individual as well as community and they along with other women of the tanda would keep themselves, children and entire tanda clean and hygienic.

Mahendra and Gulel Birhor , both in their early twenties had gone to brick making units in Bihar to earn their living. They narrated the pathetic condition of the unit in which they were bound to live. They now like to work from home and earn for their family.

Chameli, daughter of Saheb Ram Birhor of Budhachhanch tanda in her teen age seems to be full of dream, joy and life. Lured by good job and earning, she without informing her parents agreed to go to Delhi with middlemen. Fortunately, her father came to know about the incidence and put full efforts to bring her back to home. She is afraid of the incident and donít like to talk much about it. She now likes to remain with her parents and continue her education in primary school of her tanda.

Pachhu Birhor of Budhachhanch tanda, practices as a Jari Ė Buti expert in the village and surrounding area. He is famous as vaidh in the surrounding area and keeps number of medicinal herbs and shrubs with him. He is confident of curing many common and acute diseases with the help of his medicinal drugs. He wants to develop his traditional practice and train youth of new generation so that they can continue the practice. He is hopeful that the recent influx of government officials, NGOs, Media and other people in their village shown them a new hope for better future.

Punam Birhor of Kala Patthar Tanda has recently joined nearest anganbadi Kendra as sevika. She is class 7th pass and likes to continue her study. She is very optimistic about her future as after completion of her education she likes to become a teacher. She wants to do a lot for her people as most of them donít understand the importance of education in life and seldom send their child to school.

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