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INNOVATION ::: Comprehensive Development Programme


  • The Deputy Commissioner, Ms. Vandana Dadel, conducted several meetings with concerned departments and NGOs working in Bagodar and Saria blocks. She had firmed belief that development of Birhors could only be ascertained through convergence of all departments and their programmes should be customized to cater specific needs of the community.

  • Vanvasi Vikas Ashram, a leading NGO in Giridih district, was directed to conduct household survey in five tandas of Bagodar and Saria blocks. After verification of data and information provided by Vanvasi Vikas Ashram, it was decided that the household survey would be taken as base information for further works in five Birhor tandas.

  • It was decided to involve one NGO in each tanda to ensure effective and efficient implementation of integrated project. They were asked to do micro planning in their respective tandas and prepare proposal on the same.

  •  To accomplish the micro planning process and proposal development in each tanda, five organizations were selected on the basis of their experience, strength and track record.

  • Education Department would initiate the development process in Birhor tandas and gradually other departments would join with their share of works to make each and every tandas a hub of comprehensive and convergent development programme.

  • Education department would start their work with opening of Residential Bridge Course (RBC) in each tandas. The basic purpose of opening RBC in each tandas is to build rapport with the community, provide basic education to the children of 6 14 age group and most importantly to ensure nutrition of these children throughout the day. The number of children getting enrolled in the RBC is not important as the Education department would provide full amount so that surplus amount could be used to cater the nutritional need of women and adolescent girls of the community.

  • Every NGO would provide four full time workers in each tanda. They will reside in the tanda with Birhor people and try to build rapport with them. Their primary work is to aware and sensitize them on several relevant issues like literacy, education, personal cleanliness, health, hygiene& sanitation, improved community agriculture and involvement in other income generation activities, women and child care and the list may go on as per the ideal development indicators.

  • It has been seen that the ambitious projects get hampered due to transfer of concerned officials. To avoid discontinuity or dilution in effective programme implementation due to transfer of concerned officials, decision was taken to constitute district and block level task force. The role of task force is to monitor the program implementation, follow up support to implementing NGOs and inform the field level development to district administration.

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