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Among the 32 tribes in Jharkhand, eight are under PGT (Primitive Tribe Groups) and they are – Asur, Birhor, Birajia, Korwa, Parahiya (Baiga), Sabar, Mal Pahariya and Souriya Pahariya, The total Tribal population constitutes 27 per cent of the Jharkhand population of 2.70 crore. The PTG population is just 2.23 lakh as per 2011 Census.

As per survey conducted by NGOs, in the 5 Birhore Tandas in Giridih the literacy rate among PTG is just 16.87 per cent against the state average of 54 percents; gross cultivable land among PTG is 0.21 hectare per family against state average of 0.82 hectare. Average monthly income of PTG is just between Rs. 500 and Rs. 1,000.

Economically PTGs still indicate their specific trend of continuation of the archaic pattern of existence. Living very close to nature and their utter dependence on the bountiful natural resources their way of life and basic philosophy have been moulded accordingly and thus any sort of severance from this deep-rooted matrix results in an imbalancing situation.
The Majority of the primitive tribal population groups in Jharkhand is in perpetual poverty and stands much below the poverty line, suffering from an alarming malnutrition and high illiteracy. The state government along with the district administration is making best possible effort in creating sustainable development programmes among them

After having been specially identified as the Primitive Tribal Groups by the Government of India on the basis of certain administrative criteria, these sorted out tribal communities mitigating their hazards and anxieties, consternations and tribulations in their life-situation.
Folded Corner: In order to understand the very pretext of this unwanted situation, district administration of Giridih took active decision by visiting the tandas of Birhor families several times along with the concerned departmental officials to understand and asses the ground realities so that required assistance and support could be extended properly and ‘on the spot’ basisIt has been observed from the working of the various extensive efforts, taken up by the government, for the development activities of the ill-fated people that varied very endeavour due to certain obvious reasons. Very pretext of this unwanted administration of decision by Birhor along with department understand ground required support could properly and on The government of initiated more than to education, health, of PTGs in the state announced to directly government norms and cheaper food grains through constraints have thwarted the In order to understand the situation, district Giridih took active visiting the tands of families several times the concerned al officials to and asses the realities so that assistance and be extended the spot basis. Jharkhand has ten (10) schemes related social and economic empowerment since its inception. The government has also recruit a higher secondary pass PTG as per the state conditions. There are schemes for youths, housing schemes, Public Distribution System (PDS) and other things.
There is an urgent necessity to maintain such support-line on regular from the district administration as experienced by the officials of Giridih.

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